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Ron – 4th June, 2017

My second booking with Bianca was a dinner date, as I wanted to get to know her a bit better. Seeing her walking toward the restaurant reminded me of one of the reasons I wanted that; she is really a spectacular woman, compact and slender and fit and toned with a beautiful face and a mane of lovely dark hair. Having dinner with her reminded me of another; she is a fascinating, worldly person with a great outlook on life, and someone I could happily spend many hours in conversation with.
We shared a very pleasant dinner and drinks, and retired to my hotel room, where I was reminded of the third reason I wanted to see her again; true to her Scarlet Blue "About Me", Bianca is very much in her element once the intimacy starts. I described her in a Twitter post as a tigress, and I think that's a good summary of what she becomes when aroused; not a scary tigress, but a fierce vortex of erotic energy, with a lot of staying power and leaving absolutely no question that she is with you every moment of the journey. Now that I have been reminded, and all of these perceptions reinforced so strongly, I want to see her again as soon as I can, and I'm plotting a return encounter as I write this...

MaxMelb – 25th May, 2017

The door closed behind me. Ahead a sterile hotel corridor and an elevator back to reality. But it was a reality filled with brighter prospects than that of a few hours earlier.
For behind the door lies a fantasy. A tropical island with the azure waters of a lagoon lapping gently on an empty crescent of pure white sand. Coconut palms swaying rhythmically in the breeze dispersing the fragrance of exotic spices and wild gardenia amidst the sultriness enveloping her naked body. Tart berries bursting on the tip of her tongue. Mixing Mojitos in her mouth, a squeezed lime rousing her taste buds and the smell of fresh mint offering a warm embrace. Passion fruit pulp oozing down her flushed cheek and dripping onto an impossibly erect nipple. Her body so taut and tanned, caressed with coconut oil, it's sheen glistening in the morning sun. A surprise hand-written note fulfilling burning desire while presenting an opportunity for exhibitionism and voyeurism. Deep, intense pleasure. Paradise.
This fantasy has a name. It's name is Bianca.

Ron – 13th April, 2017

I first encountered Bianca on Twitter, where her incredibly sexy images convinced me I should have a look at her Scarlet Blue profile. I interacted with her a bit on Twitter, and was pleased to find that she is a genuine, down to earth person who really seems to love what she does, as well as being a regular source of the sort of selfies most can only dream of. She is a fitness enthusiast, and it shows; her body is incredibly tight and sexy.
I was fortunate to be in Sydney at a time when Bianca was available, and I booked an hour and a half outcall. I was staying in a hotel with no security, so I had the extreme thrill of opening the door to see a magnificent woman, in her 30s and fit and toned as hell, with black hair and a beautiful face, standing outside my door. I let her in (as any sane person would), and spent a few minutes getting to know her just a little. I have since booked a dinner date, as it is clear from the little I learned in that few minutes that she is a fascinating person and I want to learn more. I can hardly wait!
After the first few minutes, we lapsed into the sexy part of the booking. I never go into great detail about this, as I like to keep exactly what passes between me and a lovely lady between us, but I must say Bianca is an absolute firecracker! I had booked for her GFE, and she fulfilled every fantasy I've ever had about an incredibly hot girlfriend, and then some. The sex was totally fantastic, and it kept coming (and both she and I kept coming, too ). Bianca enjoys what she does, and it is easy to tell that; no artificial anything, just incredibly hot, mutually pleasurable, sex. Our time was up much too soon, though it seemed to last almost forever. I have booked Bianca again, and I hope to become as much a regular as I can manage, given that I don't live anywhere near Sydney. She is an experience not to be missed!

MaxMelb – 8th April, 2017

Passion and compassion in perfect symbiosis. A breadth and depth of humanity hanging off every word, every syllable enunciated rhythmic and intoxicating. Mesmerising and captivating. Visceral and instinctive. Engaging, alluring, enticing - a peel of laughter. Grounded, of the earth. The rawness of your energy and the way you seemed to envelop me, consuming me, overwhelming all of my senses. The way you held me and responded to my touch, guided me and gave yourself wholly in the moment. The sinews of your neck taut with your head back, hair cascading around your shoulders, moistened lips parted, your curled tongue caressing them seductively. Your eyes beckoning me to explore your soul. The softness of your skin, the smell of coconut oil, nipples hardening before my eyes, responding in a way that made me yearn for you. Entwined and entangled, perspiring and perceptive. Your wetness flowing across my lips, the sense of abandon as you pulled me deep inside you and your smile - ethereal and ephemeral - transitioning to an intensity borne of deep lust and desire drawn from the very depths of your being. The expression of ecstasy on your face as your orgasm cascaded through you - pulsing, driving, wave after wave.
And as my racing heart finally starts to slow, a resounding sense of being at peace with the world; lying on your bed, connected by the lightest of touch and a flow of words drifting between us, the musicality of which I can still hear swirling around in my head.
A stream of consciousness gradually morphs into a tableau that I will cling to for a very, very long time.

John – 23rd March, 2017

What an amazing experience! I loved Bianca’s photos in Scarlet Blue, but what really drew me to book a session with her was the way she wrote about herself and her services – I got a sense of a kind, caring, intelligent, sensual person, and that’s exactly who she is.
Despite having chatted to her beforehand by phone (one of her requirements for newbies), I was very nervous about seeing her, for two reasons: I’d never paid for sex before; and this would be my first sexual encounter after a long sexless period (and I don’t mean months, people, I mean years!). I’d booked for 90 mins just because I knew it would take a while for me to get in “the zone”. But she very quickly put me at my ease after I opened the door of her apartment.
What a stunning-looking lady! We had a good chat (while my pulse rate dropped slightly), then a shower for me, and onto the bed for a nice massage. Then I asked her to take the lead. Passionate kissing next, hands feeling everywhere, her lovely nipples in my mouth, mutual pleasuring…
It was a totally unrushed and passionate experience that left us both hot and sweaty. I’ll long remember that encounter, which, believe me, will be the first of many.

R – 26th February, 2017

What an exciting beginning it is to visiting Bianca, to have her open the door and introduce you to exactly the woman you've admired in the photos. Instantly engaging, Bianca's sophisticated personality immediately puts you at ease, creating the perfect environment to indulge both your and her sexuality in beautiful concert. My first visit wasn't my last, and the next can't come soon enough.

Garrett – 22nd February, 2017

I was nervous about my first interaction with Bianca but I needn't have worried. As the door opened I was greeted by a sensual, sleek, attractive woman with long black hair and a tight, fit and athletic body. Not to mention the sophisticated glasses which are an immediate turn on. She led me to her room where she broke the ice with a chat about all things intelligent. I am a sucker for intelligence and she has this in spades. We started to kiss and her soft lips teased me. Our bodies blended together in a firm embrace with her legs wrapping around me, her body pressed up against mine. I could feel an instant erection but I wanted to adore her body first. She lay on her back and allowed me to discover her. I proceeded to tantalise all of her, especially her breasts and inner thighs - teasing as much as i could, showing her body the respect it deserves, it is well worth it, believe you me. Massaging her vagina and paying attention to what she was enjoying, I noticed how wet she was. I was doing something right as she was shaking with pleasure. She grabbed my cock and encouraged me to use it. With the temperature rising, I placed my cock inside of her. She was warm and wet and rode me in true a girlfriend experience. The intensity level was through the roof and without being able to hold back anymore, we climaxed together in perfect sync. After a short breather and a chat we composed ourselves and were at it again. It was a great way to start the day - I'll be back without worry, one hundred percent.

Nick – 20th February, 2017

Why did I want to see Bianca? I had called her among a few numbers one Monday afternoon. I was very tense and frustrated at work and needed some kind of release. I tried several other escorts, but after yet another 'please record your message after the tone' she rang back. I was pleasantly surprised by her friendly tone. No awkward or affected moment here - just a straight forward and understanding conversation, making me feel completely comfortable.
Unfortunately she was not available immediately but she made me feel it would be worth the wait, and I booked an hour with her next morning. I had time to think about what I really wanted, and it was far more than a release of tension. I needed to reinvigorate myself - I was completely lacking in masculine confidence after many years without truly making love to a woman. I subconsciously knew it was in me, the skills and imagination were just bottled up somewhere I couldn't access, and I had been afraid to take charge of them. What a waste!
When I arrived, there she was - a dark haired pocket rocket with abs to die for (I am a sucker for petite dark haired girls, especially ones with a bit of muscle definition!) and that same, easy going, open, chatty way about her. That hour has completely rebuilt my self esteem, and Bianca made it happen so easily! An hour of intensity and passion, all the time with that relaxed, familiar, knowing feeling which she somehow imposed on me. Where had all that tension and diffidence gone? Bianca had worked her magic. I am now certain in the knowledge that I am a fit, agile, skilful and imaginative lover who knows his way around the female body. Much of this is because I know she had a great time too.
Bianca is a very special person with a deep understanding of what makes men tick, deserving of great respect. She might just have changed a very important thread of my life during that hour.

Andreas – 1st February, 2017

Wow, and a very big wow at that!
I had the pleasure of spending some quality time with Bianca on a recent trip to Sydney and was left speechless!
She is simply sex on legs even in her gym gear and those secretarial glasses set my loins on fire. Arriving with coffee in-hand, it didn't take long for the fun to begin and the next hour and half can only be described as memorable.
Her gym-toned body is flawless and she is the full three S's; sexy, sultry and sensual! When she looks into your eyes as you make love to her, you simply melt.
On a scale of 1-10, she exceeds this and can only be categorised as marriage material of the highest order; as a MILF, she is the type of lady that puts 20yo's to shame.
Looking forward to my next trip to Sydney where Bianca will be at the top of my list.
Ciao gorgeous girl!

Redpill – 3rd January, 2017

I rather impulsively contacted Bianca Mia yesterday for a one-hour date after browsing through some pics of various women in the morning. I've seen about 6 escorts over the last year; of course, Sydney has a wonderful, varied choice for us. However, I've got a particular penchant for the athletic, over-30 woman - this due to me being a bit of a gym nut myself - surrounded with hot milfs at my local gym who have me going home in a lather of unreleased sexual tension every time I go to train. Having being burnt (twice) before with fake pics, I was a little sceptical as Bianca's pics obviously portray a very hot, desirable woman, but on arrival and seeing her at the door in painted-on gym tights and red halter top, I was relieved (and very excited) find out the pics are recent and accurate. Her face is gorgeous, she has ZERO fat on what is a small, tapered waist, along with defined, gym-trained arms, back and shoulders. Her legs and arse complete her - I'm a true legs and arse man and I was extremely satisfied. The sex? Well firstly, Bianca is all about giving a true GFE, leaving nothing behind to please you (she even massaged me after the first 'round'). Her touch and kisses made me instantly priapic and soon after I went down for about 10 minutes of cunnilingus, which she really appreciated. Then to what I love even more...we fucked slow and luxuriously for a while, which was sublime...but I also like to fuck very hard and in with her tousled black hair and tanned cat-like body stretched out on her elbows and knees displaying that perfect arse, tight waist and muscled back in naked glory right there in front of a large, well-positioned mirror...well, I was given the perfect opportunity to indulge myself.
Trust me gents, if tight-bodied gym milfs in their 30s drive you crazy like they do me, then go see Bianca for a date - she is a genuine, lovely person who will relax you straight away and make you feel comfortable. What you see in her pics are what you get and she will make your day!

Mark – 24th December, 2016

Bianca is fantastic. A beautiful smile, a tigerish soul and a body to absolutely die for. She is easy to talk to and just so much fun to play with. A real professional, you feel extremely comfortable with her. Man o man - I could see her every day. And night.

Nick – 24th December, 2016

Bianca is one of the most lovely, gorgeous, sexy, fit, good looking and attractive women I have ever met. She is very down to earth, had s great sexy body, loves her job and provides great service in a very relaxing way which will keep you going back for more and is not to be missed. I highly recommend spending time with her when you have the opportunity.