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Ph: 0431 519 080


How to get in touch: Whether this is your first time with an escort or whether you are seasoned, it often can be quite daunting finding the right person to spend your time with. You want to be sure that you are indeed experiencing the personality as described, and the lady that is depicted in the photographs.

It’s always ideal if you can book in advance. This will give us time to get to know one another a little. Email or SMS me and tell me a little about yourself, what kind of experience you are after and how long you’d like to spend with me.

Let me know how you’d like me to respond and if discretion may be an issue for you. After this point, I will direct you to call me so we can chat. Talking on the phone, is the best way to discover compatibility and for both of us to get a sense of who we are about to get intimate with. The voice speaks more than just words and I want you to be equally as sure about your decision to spend time with me as I want to be about you. I am happy for you to cold call me but I can’t always guarantee I can get to you straight away.

Please read some notes on etiquette (click to show)

On arrival please have an envelope ready with cash payment enclosed.

I really appreciate punctuality. If you need to cancel, please let me know asap. I understand sometimes things get in the way. However I prefer to see those who respect my time and my business. Those who repeatedly, reschedule and cancel will unfortunately get blacklisted. So please be certain this is something you’re serious about when making an appointment.

I love getting intimate with someone who practises good hygiene. A partner who smells great and is clean and fresh is such a turn on. Please take up the offer of a shower on arrival. It is expected of you regardless of how clean you may think you are :-) I have lovely linen, toiletries and mouthwash just for you so please use them.

I am a non smoker so I am sensitive to smell. If you are a smoker, please do your best to have clean teeth and fresh breath.

Please see me when you are one hundred percent healthy! We’ll both have a better time if you’re on top of your game and it will save us both the embarrassment of me having to cancel a booking without refund. Definitely do not come if you have any sign of something that looks like an STI. Keeping myself healthy is of the utmost importance to me and part of my service to you. It’s very awkward having to terminate a booking because of something that rouses suspicion.

I only ever practise safe consensual sex. Any roleplaying must be pre-discussed IE light BDSM. Please do not spank me without checking in first, it tells me that you’re considering me. I will always enjoy and give more of myself to you if I feel like you respect my boundaries and communicate your desires first.

By coming to see me, you understand that if in any way you treat me in a rude, harsh or disrespectful manner, including pressuring me to engage in unsafe practises outside of my pre-discussed boundaries, will result in immediate termination of your booking without refund.